Famous Chess Manoeuvres

English Opening

The English Opening is one of the simplest openings in the entirety of all established openings by the white side player moving their pawn to c4. As a


King’s Gambit

The King’s Gambit is an opening in chess that begins with two moves, e4 e5, and f4. The white side player offers a pawn to divert the black pawn on th


Queen’s Gambit

One of the oldest and most well-known openings in the chess world, the Queen’s Gambit earliest mention was in the Gottingen manuscript of 1490. The op


Budapest Gambit

The Budapest Gambit, also known as the Budapest Defence, made its debut in 1896, although at that time the opening did not receive a lot of attention


Ruy Lopez, The Spanish Opening

The Spanish Opening, also known as the Ruy Lopez, is one of the most popular openings that was developed during the 16th century, named after the Span