The Right Floor Rugs for Chess Games

The Right Floor Rugs for Chess Games

When people play a chess game together, their environment will have a direct effect on their performance. This may tempt them to play in as plain a room as possible. However, a bland environment can be just as bad as an overly garish one.

Players will be looking down at the ground constantly. It is, therefore, wise to place the right kind of rug on the floor directly beneath the chess table and players’ chairs. The website Trend Carpet has plenty of ones to choose from. When picking out the ideal rug, there are a number of factors that should be considered carefully.

Colours That Spark Joy

It is essential that the player is in the right mindset. The happier they are, the more confident they will likely be during the match. This can be achieved by setting the the right ambience with rugs in colours that spark joy in the player. It is also a good idea to match the rug to the same colour as the furniture cover in order to create a sense of consistency.

Not Distracting for Players

On the other hand, the floor décor should not be so colourful that it draws the player’s eyes away from the chessboard. This game requires plenty of concentration as it demands both strategic thinking and time management. The best rugs for chess will need to strike a balance between looking good but not being too neutral.

A Non-Slip Surface

For safety reasons, it may be wise to go for floor décor that is non-slip. If this is the case, then the kitchen rugs available from Trend Carpet will be particularly appealing. These rugs are designed for environments where people will walk over them constantly. They will allow players to move their feet without worrying about falling over.

Rectangular Rugs

If the chess playing area is a very wide open space, then rectangular rugs will tend to be ideal. This is the most popular shape of rug. It helps to make an interior seem neat and tidy. However, the chess table placement may be an issue if it is round.

Circular Rugs

Smaller rooms may benefit from a rug that has a circular shape. These are also better for rooms that have softer edges to them. The chess table should be placed in the centre of the rug. This will ensure that the room looks symmetrical.