The Growth in Popularity of Online Chess

The Growth in Popularity of Online Chess

Chess is undoubtedly one of the oldest games known to man. The board game’s earliest known origins go way back to the seventh century when it was first played in India. Back then, it was a derivative of another game known as chaturanga.

The game had some evolution in its early days as it spread to different part of the world. The current format of play came up in the 15th century as the game was tabled in Spain. The modern-day pieces were introduced then and handed their existing powers.

Classic game

The most recent development took place a long time ago too when the game received a standard set of rules way back in the 19th century. Since then, the chess format has remained pretty much unchanged, meaning a person who died in 1800, could come back today and enjoy the same constant board game.

The Internet’s influence on chess

That said, chess has also had its fair share of internet influence. For starters, the game has spread even further to new areas of the globe as people can now access it via the internet. The most notable development, however, is how even the most seasoned players have embraced the internet as a playing platform.

Today, there are numerous avenues where one can log in and play chess immediately. They can either play against a computer system or square out against other players in other parts of the world. There need not be a personal relationship between the players for them to compete.

It operates in the same way as one would contact a livi medical specialist when looking for professional medical advice. You do not need to have had initial contact with the doctor; all you need is a mobile app, and you are good to go.

Competitive online gaming

Online chess tournaments are also becoming commonplace now. They are a model adopted by chess associations to bring together the best players from different parts of the world to compete against each other. Such tournaments involve real awards of trophies and cash rewards and are officially recognised. Quite often they also bring in event sponsors.

The growing ability of the internet makes it possible to see and interact with opponents in real time. This is done by use of a live stream. Although streaming video can be a bit costly in terms of data bills, it is far cheaper than transporting all players to a single location. Also, there is a continuously improving ability to use little data while increasing the quality of the video.

Fan involvement

Fans too can subscribe and follow the action which takes place online. It is not even mandatory that they be part of the chess community. Instead, the community is always open to welcome new members.

Why not get in on the modern chess action today?